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It's our belief that you get maximum results through your people. If they are well trained, challenged, and enjoy what they do, you will see results. Our training programs will give your employees the skills and confidence to propel your community above and beyond your competition! We travel all over the country to provide training of all types to NAA affiliates and Apartment Associations. We hold 2 quarterly open admission seminars in Kansas City (Presentation is Everything and Fair Housing), in which you can send one employee or several. This accommodates new hires, as well as great refreshers! If you are interested in a private seminar, specifically for your company, we can come to you!  Our programs are available IN PERSON or VIRTUAL and can be shortened or customized. People who attend tell us they really like the atmosphere we create for them, where they can discuss difficulties and ask questions without feeling intimidated.  Having been in their shoes, we feel we can relate to their fears and obstacles better than anyone!   The bonus for you... you get both women at all seminars!


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Maintenance- Your Secret Weapon  (3

* Maintenance is your secret weapon in resident retention! * Customer service makes a huge difference-verbal and non-verbal *1st impression exercises for discussion *Vacancy loss and revenue explanation and math scenarios * Personality types and test * Resident scenario discussion